About Kamdon

I’m about to tell you -  in a very non-traditional way -  that I love creating, painting, designing, making, and most importantly, bringing joy to your home. If you want something dull and boring, then I am not your gal. If you want something that makes your heart happy and your soul sing, then I’m your lady! Now I'm going tell you how I began dreaming for a living!

I have a wide-ranging portfolio of art and design projects under my belt. After graduating with an BFA in graphic design and painting, I went on to create logos, design coloring books, illustrate, flip houses, work with interior designers on assorted projects, and was the on set artist for “Mom and ME” on HGTV. That’s when I realized that creating, especially for the heart of the home and family, was my greatest passion. 

I started to paint, illustrate, and transform canvas, fabric, websites, floors, walls, business cards, books, cabinets, cakes, and anything else that could become beautiful with a few creative strokes.

When I paint images upside down,
(YES, I PAINT UPSIDE DOWN), it lets me focus on the shapes, lines, and colors, so the drips, strokes and splatters come to life. Most think it strange that I like the challenge of the upside-down world, but I thinks it fits me perfectly!

Through art, books, and designs, I utilize my love and talent for taking the mere essence of an idea and translating that into living, breathing, splashes of vivid, whimsical tales for everyone to enjoy in their homes! 

I live in the bustling mountain town of Bend, Oregon. My home, I lovingly call, "The Ranch," is shared with my two children, four dogs, and five chickens. When I'm not designing on location or illustrating in my studio, you will still likely find me covered in paint--or fabric swatches, or cake icing, as my desire to create is an ongoing, daily matter of importance! (Tidiness, however, is not.)


"I will praise You because I have been remarkably and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” - Psalm 139:14